The Privacy Club

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 Information on keeping your privacy. At home, on the internet, in your personal and business life. There's too much stalking, too much identity theft, and too much of your information floating around.  Facebook's privacy breach has made this abundantly clear in social media.  We will have free downloadable ebooks/guides, and we are also in the process of publishing our own book series for purchase.  

The Privacy Club will post helpful links / blog items on Twitter.  Until our contact page is up, please send a direct message via Twitter @ThePrivacyClub 

The Privacy Club

About Us 

Privacy is the #1 Priority

The Privacy Club started before 2013, but had been helping a few limited Club members establish privacy and security after stalking incidents, domestic abuse and I.D. theft. We are planning to open a few more spots in "The Club" as we call it. More information will be posted, however more detailed information is sent directly to our Members and to our Subscribers.